Roomie Love


I always thought people were exaggerating when saying, whoever you room with, will become one of your best friends, and also sometimes your worst nightmare. But for me, this is exactly what happened! Starting my freshman year, one of my roommates, Katie Pierce and I, became great friends. At the beginning of freshman year, we joined the same sorority, bringing us ever closer. All four of us roommates lived together for two years. As Katie and I became closer, the other two went their separate ways, and did not exactly get along with us at times. Sadly, currently, for my third year at SIUE, I did not live with any of them.

katie and i Although I do not live with Katie this year, we have spent so many nights bonding through visiting each other, late night ice cream runs, and going out with all of our friends on the weekends. I was so glad to hear the final decision of her living situation for next year! She will be one of my roommates at Enclave West, right outside of SIUE’s campus, in the Alpha Phi housing wing. She has been and will continue to be such a great friend with me, that can be there to listen to whatever my problems may be, have a great time, act completely silly, and so much more. I cannot wait to be roommates again!


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