It’s Simple. Be Happy.


Did you ever think that you would be where you are today? I never thought I would be such a strong, involved, and independent woman, thanks to how this amazing journey has molded me to be. Don’t get me wrong about the independent factor… I strongly rely on my family; we are very close. Also, I have had a boyfriend for almost four years. I am attached to all of them, and couldn’t imagine my life without them, but I believe I am independent in a sense of knowing my own self and values, and staying true to them.

It is ludicrous to think about how everything happens for a reason, and if some small detail of your life never happened, the memories that happen later on would not have occurred?! We can constantly ask ourselves ‘’what if’’, but that would only hinder our minds of being the best they could be.


The beautiful waters of Kemah, Texas.

So, what is this life we are living? What is the purpose? I reckon no one will be able to fully answer this question. I believe the majority of us would think that the “perfect life” is a happy life. But, it isn’t hard to be happy. Is it? What isn’t there to be happy about? There is absolutely no one who has not had a hardship sometime in his or her life. I believe that the struggles we face and overcome are blessings in disguise.

Anything is possible when you truly believe you can do it. Some people just need that extra push because they cannot do it themselves. They need that one person to lead and exemplify the way. One, diminutive difference can change the world greatly. All it takes is one person. So be that change! Look at your life in a different perspective and change others. You are surrounded by positivity with the people you know, the nature around you, the memories you have made, and your life itself! It all starts with being happy.


Sibling Love and Rivalry


              253451_3383202673849_756136750_nAlthough siblings usually have that love/hate relationship, I am so fortunate to have my brother. My brother is 21 years old and I just turned 20. Luckily, he goes to the same college as me, here at Southern Illinois Univeristy Edwardsville. I grew up in the small town of Teutopolis, Illinois with an estimate of 1,500 people living there. Sadly, I was the only girl in the family and had one brother, Ryan. Since I had no sisters, I tended to gravitate/play with whatever he was doing. My mom tried to get me to play with Barbies, Polly Pockets, and games with Princess themes, but instead I tended to play with Ryan’s Batman and Robin figurines and act out Star Wars with him in our woods behind our house. We lived in the country, so we did not have many neighborhood kids.


             Ryan was my best friend! I liked how we only had two kids in the family; in my opinion, it brought us so much closer. Of course, there was some normal sibling rivalry off and on, but at the end of the day, we loved each other and always spent time together. Hitting, biting, tattle telling were involved when we were younger, but 30 minutes after the dispute and having the first chance to get the other in trouble, we would be the closest of friends, having some laughs.

            Now being at the same college as my brother, I feel so spoiled! Currently this year I moved into the same chain of apartments, Enclave West, where he lives. Oddly, I live two houses over from his! I cannot believe the odds of having over 14 apartment houses with 3 different levels, and 5 different complexes on each level, that I would be so close. I love my brother dearly and wish the best for him. Depending on the career he chooses after college, whether it may be 1,000 miles away, my relationship with him will not change. I am so blessed to have such a generous, courteous, and entertaining brother and wish him the best! 582551_3325201583858_640658563_n

Home Is Where the Heart Is

The wonderful  PanHellenic Council and Gamma Chi Ladies!

The wonderful PanHellenic Council and Gamma Chi ladies!

          The past spring of 2014, I was chosen to be a Gamma Chi, a recruitment counselor for the potential new members over the course of the Fall 2014 Sorority Recruitment. The Southern Illinois Univeristy of Edwardsville has 4 sororities as of now. They just currently added a sorority last year. Gamma Chis serve the purpose of being an individual that is looked upon as a strong, consoling supporter of the Greek community, that can reassure, resolute, and respond to new girls’ problems, questions, and concerns. It is ideal for the members of the Gamma Chi to have diversity in all of the sororities on that campus. Around 60 girls applied for the positions of being recruitment counselors, but only a select several of girls received the position from each sorority. There is also the PanHellenic Council who delegates the Greek meetings on campus and hold the interviews for the future women who receive the positions each year. 

        Throughout the summer, we had a few meetings creating, thus reviewing, the schedule of events, body language we would then adapt to learning and using throughout recruitment when conversing with the girls, and also what the position all entails. During the summer, through the start of the school year up until rush week is finished, us, Gamma Chis, are to be totally disaffiliated from our chapter, discharging any negative emotions or advice that we tell the potential new members when helping them through recruitment, without giving them bias opinions. We have not been allowed to see, speak with, spend time, or share any forms of social media showing that we are a part of that sorority or friends with the members of any of the sororities.


            Excited and nostalgic, but also a little nervous, would be an understatement for the emotions I have felt throughout this week during recruitment. Never did I know how much greater the appreciation for my sorority would be after this stressful, yet exhilarating, week. Throughout this week, the new girls have been going to different events of the sorority and been slowly limiting their choices, both by choice and being eliminated. It is a mutual selection process. With tomorrow being bid day, I cannot wait to see the girls, whom I have helped travel through the process of deciding which sorority best fits their personal choices, values, and beliefs, find their true “home” where they fit best. On bid day, after all of the girls have shown which sorority they have chosen, the gamma chis will reveal their sorority. With tomorrow being such an emotional but electrifying day, tonight, the hours will drag on, waiting for this beautiful day to come.